Julian Scalzi Instructor

Kickboxing Fitness near East Victoria Park

Julian Scalzi

Training Martial Arts since 10 years of age, Julian is a full-time Professional Martial Artist at Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness (AMAF). Julian is the Lead Instructor for our Little Ninja Freestyle Karate and Kids Karate classes, plus recently graded to the Instructor's rank of Guro in the adults Kali Self Defence classes. His infectious energy and enthusiasm have been a valuable asset to our team and a perfect role model for all who train under or with him.

  • Kaizen Karate - 1st Degree Instructor (Sempai)
  • Kali Silat Evolution - 1st Degree Instructor (Kadua Guro)
  • Muay Thai - Assistant Trainer
  • Kali Sikaran - Phase 4 (Kasama)
  • Kali Silat Australia - Student of the Year 2019
  • Kali Silat Australia - Gradee of the Day - June 2019
  • Kali Sikaran Australia - Phase 3 Gradee of the Day - August 2016
  • Kali Sikaran Australia - Phase 1 Gradee of the Day - August 2015
  • Authorised Working with Children Check by the Govt of Western Australia

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