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Tesse Hansen in East Victoria Park - Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness

Tesse Hansen

Guro Tesse is a 1st Degree Instructor for our Kali Self Defence classes and helps out in Kids Karate as well. Her precision and passion for Kali and its techniques makes her an extremely valuable asset in our instructor team and a great inspiration for all students. 

  • Kali Sikaran - 1st Degree Instructor (Kadua Guro)
  • Kaizen Karate (Assistant Instructor)
  • Muay Thai - Level 3
  • Kali Sikaran Australia - Student of the Year 2016
  • Kali Sikaran Australia - Student of the Year 2015
  • Kali Sikaran Australia - Phase 6 Gradee of the Day - December 2015
  • Authorised Working with Children Check by the Govt of Western Australia
  • Qualified Provide Advanced First Aid Certificate Holder

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