What does it mean to be a Sempai ?

The position of a Sempai has existed in warrior groups since warrior groups have begun. Originally a Sempai was the most senior warrior in the group, under the group’s commander or leader. His expectations and responsibilities had always been harder than anyone else’s in the group. The Sempai was responsible for the development and direction of the lower warriors, and for the protection of the leader.

In the Japanese martial arts, this position remains the same. The Sempai of a dojo had trained for a long time with the headmaster. He understood the headmaster’s (Sensei’s) goals, training methodologies and philosophies. He also understood his Sensei, as a warrior and as a person. More than these understandings, he had privileges and knowledge about Sensei that other students did not.

Sempai Dave Shoebridge, Mike Waite, AMAF, Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness, Kali Sikaran Australia, Kids Karate Perth, Muay Thai Perth, Kickboxing Perth, Kids Karate Classes, Little Ninja Martial Arts, Shihan Mike, Shihan, Kaizen Freestyle KarateThe best explanation of a Black Belt is someone who has mastered the basics. A Sempai therefore as a 1st Degree Black Belt, a senior student who now dissects and examines what he has learnt in a quest to have a greater understanding of his knowledge of these learnt core fundamentals.

Being the Sempai means you train directly with your Sensei or in this case Shihan who confers with you on strategy, technique, and running the training sessions at the dojo. The Sempai should make every effort to be at Shihan’s dojo as often as possible for they are the leaders and role models of the next generation.

Both Sempai Rod and Julian will grade to their 1st Degree Karate Black Belts during the upcoming Kids Karate Grade Examination 27th November 2016. Working through all belt levels up to and including 1st Degree Black Belt, they will demonstrate all elements of our Kaizen Karate curriculum – Karate, Kali & Muay Thai. Leaving the physical sparring rounds until the adults December Muay Thai grading at our annual Southeast Asian Martial Arts Xmas Special.

Sempai Rod Hutchins and Sempai Julian Scalzi have both been with our club for many years now. They both actively train with Shihan Mike for many hours every Saturday plus with our ITP team (Instructor Training Program) on the first Saturday of every month. Outside of their normal Instructor training, they are both active students of Kali and Muay Thai adults programs.

This will be an exciting opportunity for all Kids Karate classes to see what lies ahead for them and to support and encourage their Instructors at the same time. Flyers on the upcoming gradings are available at reception desk!

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