AMAF Instructor Training Programs – specialised Leadership Training modules.

We are proud to release the launch of the AMAF Instructor Training Programs starting 2nd May.

Many may be aware that I have been travelling interstate and overseas to many martial arts summits and instructor camps, gathering information and knowledge for our forever growing team. Over the years I have been training and learning from many successful martial arts instructors and systems but in more recent times my focus has been working on a specialised program to help shape and create leaders for the members here at AMAF.

‘Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills’
The goal of the leadership programs are to create confident leaders but not just specifically for the martial arts industry. Instead provide a set of skills that can be utilised in day to day life at home through to the school environment and workplace.No experience is necessary to join this team, just a willingness to learn, develop and share…

Whether you are part of our Kids Karate Classes, Teens Muay Thai & MMA, Kickboxing morning, lunch or night classes, Adults Muay Thai or Kali Self Defence classes please speak to reception to express your interest to join the leadership team!

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