Why We Believe Women Should Do Martial Arts

Why We Believe Women Should Do Martial Arts

The short answer………… It will change your life!!


Martial Arts is no longer the male dominated endeavour it once was and is proving to be an excellent tool to be able to deal with the challenges that we all face in our day to day lives. From physical fitness to stress relief there are many benefits that you can achieve even within the first week of training!

Some of these benefits are:


Self Defence

Women should know how to defend themselves if the need arises. It is no secret that violent crime is on the rise and specifically against women! Martial Arts can replace your fear with confidence and your timidity with technique, giving you the tools to not only defend yourself but also your friends and family.


Stress/Anger Relief

Women have busy lifestyles. Many women juggle careers, exercise and family life and with this often comes stress and anger. Martial Arts allows anger and stress to be vented in a healthy way, in a supportive and fun environment. The physical activity coupled with a feeling of accomplishment makes martial arts a natural stress reliever.


Physical Well Being

Martial Arts is an excellent workout for the entire body. It increases muscle strength, balance and flexibility. You will also get an awesome cardiovascular workout, so if weight loss is your goal, martial arts will certainly get you there.


Self Image

Through grading systems martial arts teaches you to set and achieve goals. As you learn and master the skills required and grade to higher levels you will begin to feel a sense of achievement, which has a positive effect on your self-image.


Just these benefits alone are reason enough for you to get started in Martial Arts now. Here at AMAF we offer excellent training for both the beginner and advanced student. Whether it be Kali-Self-Defence, Kickbox and Burn or Muay Thai Kickboxing that you are interested in, all will give you great results which will carry over into all aspects of your life.


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