Happy 18th Birthday AMAF

I had a dream...
18 years ago today i awoke from a dream, a dream of a two story complex providing Martial Arts and Fitness training for all ages. The name for this place was Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness

At this time i was teaching out of Allen’s Martial Arts in Greenwood. My Karate instructor Sean Allen had me running his Brown Belt classes preparing them for their Black belts, then eventually advancing through to running the Black Belt classes. Personal training was also growing with more one on one and group training flowing from my contacts outside of Sean’s club, so it was certainly time to make the transition from full time night work into running a martial arts business. 

Excited after awaking from my dream, i rushed into Perth city to register this name with ASIC. In those early days Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness (AMAF) was operating out of friends Dojos in Osborne Park and Greenwood until 11 years ago i found this location, our home here in East Victoria Park.

Thank you all for being part of this journey so far, together we will rewrite the future.
Shihan Mike Waite

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