East Victoria Park Kids Karate

Build a Foundation of Life Skills with AMAF Kids Karate

Our Kids Birthday Parties and Teens MMA classes in East Victoria Park are a great way to increase physical activity and make new friends while gaining the skills needed to develop into a confident and responsible adult. Give your child the tools to succeed, beginning as early as age 3 at Advanced Martial Arts and Fitness. 

Students in our Kid's karate classes learn the positive benefits of self-discipline while developing coordination and increasing strength and flexibility.

PLUS, parents can be assured we promote good behavior and focus on respect.

Kids Birthday Parties  East Victoria Lake

Let Kids Birthday Parties classes help build your child's confidence

Our Kids Birthday Parties students quickly develop the ability to:

  • Listen
  • Learn
  • And Lead 

We also expect students to show these same attributes at home and at school. Our aim is to equip students not only with self defence skills and increased fitness but with life skills that extend beyond the Dojo and into their classroom, home, and adulthood.

Kids Birthday Parties  classes for all ages!

Our Kids Birthday Parties program is separated into three different programs to allow kids to train in an age-appropriate setting that is most conducive to their learning. Our classes include:

  • Little Ninjas (3-5 years): This action packed class is developed to introduce students to a healthy, active lifestyle. Students focus on improving coordination and motor skills through fun activities that encourage positive character development. After just a few classes you will see improvements in your child's listening skills, respect, teamwork, and concentration.
  • Kids Birthday Parties (6-10 years): This program incorporates techniques and qualities from various martial arts disciplines, including Karate, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Filipino Martial Arts. From each of these styles, students pick up key self defence moves and characteristics. Our classes assist kids in this age range with conflict and bullying situations, classroom behavior issues, and so much more! This is because we cover essential topics and provide safe, effective resolution advice. 
  • Teens Kickboxing & MMA (11-15 years): Students in these classes improve their physical fitness, stamina, confidence and well-being through fun, high-energy, technical drills that will not only build strength but also build confidence. 

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Here at AMAF we teach your children life lessons, using the martial arts as a tool. Our Kids' Karate classes are a positive investment in your child’s future as the skills they acquire will assist them in every stage of their lives. For more information or to sign up today, simply fill out the form on your screen! 

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